0.416.2 – Memory Leak

New hardware simulation provider

Electro Ride Systems won their bid for the deployment of spaceflight simulation software to Enceladian Shipyards, replacing the well-known Nakamura Dynamics spaceflight simulators. Spokespeople for ERS assured us that their 3.0 simulation software is as accurate as their competitor’s, and features a comparative simulation mode. Nakamura has challenged the validity of the bid, citing insufficient resolution to meet the contract parameters.

Subcontractor records leaked

An anonymous hacker leaked all Enceladus Corp subcontractor records, including estimated excavation yields, financial status and other private documents. Local ATLAS operatives launched a full-scale investigation hinting at possible AI connection. Enceladus representatives refused to comment.

Updated salvage policy

An investigation into the reckless endangerment of crew health and safety found a surprising resolution, as an Enceladus Corp Board of Inquiry exonerated a captain who permitted a crewman to perform EVA repairs on a derelict to prepare it for intralunar transit. While experts from Enceladus shipyard regard such operations as near-suicidal, this new precedent opens up new opportunities – and new risks – for unlicensed salvage operations.

Maintenance Records

  • Added Steam Leaderboards support.
  • New upgrade simulations showcase the difference in the handling of ships before and after installing an upgrade.
  • Most of the hardware you install now has its mass.
  • The processing sound of various mineral processing units is quieter now.
  • You cannot hire people who just died anymore.
  • The gravimetric drone display scale was slightly different from your LIDAR scale on K37, Eagle Prospector and Cothon HUDs.
  • The “missing child” quest could lock up in certain circumstances preventing progress.
  • Internal cargo bay floodlight of Elon Interstellar Model-E will not illuminate exhaust gas that passes above the cargo bay.
  • Augmented Reality overlay on EIME HUD is now darker, making the ship easier to see.
  • You can now send your crew over to derelict ships to attempt salvage.
  • The hardware activation button in the upgrade menu is now more prominent.
  • NPC ships will use drone systems only when actively excavating.
  • Purchases, sales and insurance gained while performing a ring dive are now listed in your ship logs.
  • Added “reset do default” button to the gamma slider in settings.
  • Updated translations, including numerous typo fixes.

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