0.407.7 – Applied Geology

  • Added a new mineral vein map for the geologist panel.
  • You can now tune your microwaves.
  • Camera zoom is now much more responsive.
  • Made several adjustments to the physics engine to prevent baffle-related physics glitches.
  • Damage from constant-beam weapons, like microwaves generators and beam lasers, fluctuated if your framerate changed during operation.
  • A bug caused sparks from your mass-driver rounds to appear at the edge of your screen even if the bullet shattered further away and long ago.
  • NPC ships are now aware that they were in combat just a few seconds ago and respond accordingly.
  • Vilcy patrols are now aware of when Big Bad Wolf was destroyed and react accordingly.
  • You could click and select dialogue options that were still not fully visible.
  • In busy areas, reactor explosion shockwaves could be delated and could happen even a dozen seconds after a ship exploded.
  • On the geologist panel, the mineral you are working with is now clearly highlighted.
  • You can’t zoom the camera during cutscenes anymore.
  • When tuning weapon systems, the simulation window will now present boresights.
  • Improved integration with Steam services and overlay.
  • Several stability improvements.

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