0.403.11 – Forbidden Tales

New wergild rates

With the alarming rise of crime rates, Enceladus Corp sanctioned the next increase of wergild rates, ranging from 10,000E$ for property damage up to 50,000E$ for aggravated assault. Unlike bounty, wergilds are only to be collected by a licenced bounty hunter. Individuals seeking a hunter licence should contact your local Vilcy operative.

Anarchy Sightings

The terrorist organization known as Ganymedean Anarchy claimed responsibility for multiple attacks and extortions in the rings. With suspicions of the group being supported by citizens of the Enceladus Prime stations, station authorities launched a full-scale investigation into the matter. As to this day location of the base of operations of the nefarious group remains undiscovered.

Ganymedian Prejudice

With increased pirate attacks, many Ganymedean citizens who sought refugee on Enceladus after the Titan crisis are facing waves of prejudice and hostility. While stations authorities issued a statement condemning the acts of violence, the local Vilcy spokesman offered no comments under the pretence of an ongoing investigation into the matter.

Maintenance Records

  • You can now join Vilcy on combat patrols.
  • You can get a bounty hunting licence now and collect wergilds.
  • Your crew now knows other miners in rings, offering custom dialogue options.
  • New shader for overheating computer.
  • You can now permanently destroy the Big Bad Wolf.
  • You can now dock to Big Bad Wolf as a part of a quest.
  • The dealer provided ships with installed railguns but without any ammunition. Such ships confused both the Upgrades menu and NPC AI.
  • A bug was causing Vilcy not to approach you with dialogue when they liked you.
  • A bug could cause a railgun to hit part of your ship in the right conditions.
  • Centrifugal forces can now shatter a mass-driver projectile, which prevents strange ricochets.
  • You can now astrogate even if you opt to remove your ship HUD.
  • Participating in space battles will now improve your standing with the group you are helping.
  • Added friendly conversations with Ganymedean Anarchy pirates if you manage to win their favour.
  • Changed the way the comms system highlights dialogue options when you have both keyboard and mouse cursor over them.
  • The AR1500 Salvage Manipulator will not attempt to grab space stations and ice mountains anymore.
  • Fixed several memory leaks in AR1500 code that could cause crashes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused your crew not to speak to you, even if they wanted if there were a friendly ship, drone or beacon nearby.
  • Unit conversions bug in auxiliary power generators caused them to consume much more thermal power than they should.
  • Thrusters that do have not enough thermal power to fire will now visually fizzle.
  • I rebalanced power delivery of auxiliary power storage systems. Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage systems will now deliver twice the power when discharging.
  • A bug in the comms system caused your dialogue to be interrupted if you docked in the middle of it.
  • An auto-exposure bug caused the screen to flash white when you started a new mission briefly.
  • NPC AI bug could cause the game to crash when you astrogated with friendly ships in visual range.
  • New achievements.
  • Translations update.

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