0.397.5 – Enemy Mines

  • You will no longer get separate messages from Vilcy patrols made from several ships.
  • I moved Elon Interstellar Model E’s weapon mounts a few centimetres forward so projectiles won’t hit the beak in an unlucky manoeuvre.
  • Fixed a bug that caused pulse lasers to deal no thermal damage unless operating on maximum frequency.
  • Fixed missing dialogue options when you encounter dead bodies in rings.
  • Attacking one of the ships being in combat will make the other one appreciate you for it.
  • Updated translations.
  • Kzinti Lesson Mk2 thermal output now scales more gently, making it more suitable for mining.
  • You can now come on board Ganymedean Anarchy station even if your faction standing is not maxed out.
  • Hovering over past dialogue options with the mouse will not highlight them anymore.
  • EIAA 1337 autopilot will now hold relative velocity to any selected target as long as you keep the X button pressed.
  • I improved the stability of the AR1500 Manipulator code.
  • You cannot extend your claim when you don’t have enough money anymore.
  • Fixed rounding error in railgun code that caused the last bullet not to be usable.
  • The dialogue reply button will not disappear if you close the OMS screen while the animation is still playing.

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