0.396.4 – Coherent Light

  • You can now tune the power and frequency of your laser mining systems.
  • Asteroids will not spawn inside the walls of the Space Bar now.
  • You cannot grab destroyed habitats with your salvage manipulator anymore.
  • When hiring and immediately firing crew, the ship logs will now reflect both actions.
  • Fixed German translation on HAL9000 heads-up display that overflowed screen size and hid units.
  • Updated Polish and Russian translations.
  • Fixed a handle leak in the Dealer menu that could cause crashes when you browsed inventory quickly.
  • Fixed handle leak in AR1500 Manipulator code that could cause crashes when an asteroid exploded near you.
  • You could go into debt when hiring crew if you opened the crew window first but switched to market or upgrades to spend your money.
  • Screensaver mode will now quit when it detects any input.
  • Sent comms message will now lose highlight.

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