0.378.11 – Layers of Space

Mandatory recall on drone ship reactors

Today Enceladus implemented new drone-ship reactor control regulations, raising the margin of safety on AI-controlled craft. The damage to human ships, unable to distance themselves from autonomous ships with unstable reactors, and the corporate insurance payouts for repairs has finally prompted action on this issue.

Autonomous mining stations open for business

Nakamura Dynamics has formalized arrangements to permit their Phage stations to do business in the rings, selling the waste water generated in their mining operations in the rings as reaction mass. Though this isn’t a recent development, this formalization of the process has certain implications, should their AI classification ever change.

Residential ring maintenance

Enceladus has removed old panelling and shielding from its rings. Originally an extra measure of safety to protect some of its installations from radiation, recent measurements determined that the combination of Saturn’s great magnetosphere and the thin cloud of water vapour surrounding the inner moons of Saturn reduce such needs. The material is being reprocessed for use elsewhere in the station.

Maintenance Records

  • Docking arms will not try to rotate you when you are undocking.
  • HUD preview is now displayed when you are tuning HUD settings.
  • Fixed a bug that caused upgrade previews to stop updating if you played Mining Companion preview to the end.
  • Overheating drone ships will now give you more time before they blow up.
  • Decreased VRAM memory usage.
  • New ship names.
  • Added more ways to interact with Phage stations.
  • When entering the OMS screen after receiving comms, the focus is automatically set to the first reply.
  • Added keyboard hints to tabbed views.
  • AI ships won’t try to fire mass-drivers when they are in a fast spin.
  • New visuals of Enceladus Residential Rings
  • When scrolling over OMS mechanic tabs, sliders won’t move anymore.

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