0.362.0 – Aim for the Moon

Simulation-theory study breaks down

Researchers today announced that their trials which had been showing promise for years broke down. Their field of study was simulation-theory; the idea that we live in a universe run as an immensely complex simulation. Dr Bostrom suggests that being unable to replicate previous results is evidence for, not against their ideas, and suggests that “maybe somebody upgraded the engine.” The group admits that they must start at square one, but insists that they will continue their efforts.

ERS sued for planned obsolescence

ERS faces a lawsuit for planned obsolescence. Features included in the Nuclear-Assisted Gimballed Hall-effect Thrusters were found to have no function but to regulate their functional lifespan. CEOs claim middle management looked to their own advancement with a profitable technology, while project managers insist the orders to implement the features came informally from the top. As an intermediate step, the features can be removed free of charge at any service center, and should greatly improve the lifespan of these thrusters.

Official registry of the Bald Eagle

Formerly considered a dangerous and unauthorized ship customization, the so-called Bald Eagle has nonetheless dominated the Ring Racing scene. To prove their design is sound, the originator of the customization manual (wishing to remain anonymous) has completed safety trials. The results describe the customized vessel as “volatile, but fundamentally sound.” Though its recognition from the dealer is an important landmark for ringracers, the dealer will not carry unauthorized design mods. Those wishing to obtain one of these vessels are encouraged by Ring Runner Racing to seek a custom ship-crafter from within their community.

Maintenance Records

  • Updated the game engine to latest stable Godot Engine 3.3.2, which improves performance, enables M1 support, and fixes a number of stability-related bugs. Improvements are visible across the board, but will be most noticeable on systems using AMD or Intel GPUs and M1 CPUs.
  • Number of performance and stability improvements.
  • 5 more story encounters.
  • Additional crew interactions.
  • Fixes to the audio system, eliminating clipping and popping sounds.
  • When returning to Enceladus, your ship will now use the reactive mass it claims to need, including the ΔV requirements for anything you hold in cargo and drone manipulators.
  • Pods and drones attached to your ship won’t confuse autonomic autopilots anymore.
  • Pirates won’t expose their transponders when you are talking to them anymore.
  • Derelicts are more rare now, but you can interact with them more often.
  • Fixed a display glitch that caused your ship to display different values depending on how you looked at it.
  • Limited charge for ringstorm discharges, so an unlucky hit won’t fry your entire ship anymore.
  • Pulse laser will now have all pulses visible even if your physics FPS setting exceeds your physical monitor refresh rate.
  • Fine-tuned physics settings to avoid cargo clipping through ship hulls.
  • You can disable adrenaline boosters now in the OMS menu.
  • Increased durability of Nuclear Assisted Gimballed Hall Effect Thrusters.
  • Fixed a bug that caused big asteroids to be marked as ore sometimes.
  • Added a dealer description and specs for Bald Eagle.
  • You can now pay individual crew salaries if overdue.
  • Cargo Container, Mining Companion and Claim Beacon upgrade menu simulations will now show your hardware deploying.
  • Salvage Manipulator update menu simulation is now zoomed in.
  • Typo fixes.

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