0.387.6 – Sensory Overload

New mining claim options now available

Starting today Enceladian mining claims can be obtained in different variants. Varied periods of claims allow both small and medium-sized excavation companies to effectively protect their mining investments. Enceladus Corp representative denies the connection of new, updated claim options to the recent anti-trust investigation against the company.

New generation of quantum processors released

The release of 11th generation Obonto Microengineering Q7 quantum processors promises over 30% improvement in the processing capabilities of q-network based artificial intelligence using the popular processor as their primary platform.

Safety upgrade for GNU/Antonos-based autopilots

Released today patch 3.1457 of the open GNU/Antonos autopilot system focuses on safety improvements. While the patch contains multiple bug fixes, the most obvious change is an extension of the digital sensor bus, allowing the transport of metadata like visual warning signals for the pilot.

Maintenance Records

  • You can now choose different claim options when deploying B8 Claim Beacons.
  • Your astrogator will not extend the duration of claims for free.
  • Performance enhancements for NPC AI.
  • Stability fixes in the dialogue subsystem.
  • Salvage Manipulator will not exceed its maximum power draw anymore.
  • Made the storyteller module more forgiving for new players, holding back hostile encounters until you learn to fly decently well.
  • Drone systems will now be automatically disabled in cutscenes.
  • Docking at habitats will not cause adrenaline rushes anymore.
  • You can now exit the settings menu with a gamepad or keyboard alone.
  • Your HUD will now fade away during tutorials so the instructions are easier to find.
  • When flying a ship without ammo or drone systems, relevant storage sensor will no-longer report a warning.
  • Ship sensors reaching critical value will now flash briefly to draw your attention to arising problems.
  • Elon Interstellar Model-E depth display will no longer be truncated when flying over 1000km deep in the rings.
  • Updated warning levels for pulse lasers in the Upgrade menu.
  • Updated translations.

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