0.268.3 – Fire and Forgive

This is a re-balancing update, changing the underlying mechanics of the game in order to make it more enjoyable. Changelog:

  • Simple autopilot system now has an additional HUD overlay option, making it much more useful for beginners.
  • AI system controling Point Defense Turret can now forgive and will not be bent on attacking a faction after you settle your score with them.
  • Crew morale system was re-balanced, so you will not hit upper and lower cap as quickly.
  • Docking clamps can now adjust for your ship mass, making it possible for heavier ships to dock into rotating stations.
  • Size of Eagle Prospector cargo bay was adjusted. It’s now bit thinner and bit shorter.
  • Obonto Habitats now have hostile dialogues. You can now pay for caused damages or escalate.
  • You can now remove your HUD completely.
  • Hiring or firing crew will now immediately update POI visibility and dive costs.
  • Moved central PDT forward so it will no-longer hit your own excavator.
  • PDT now has lights that illuminate what they are pointing at.
  • Excavator of your ship will now be open in the upgrades menu, when testing drone systems that attempt to move ore into your cargo hold.
  • Fixed a bug that caused sparks appear in thin air (really thin, as it’s in the rings).
  • Targeting beam will now ignore your own cargo.
  • Fixed a number of typos.

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