In Dead Company

So, what is this about?

You get to take up a mantle of necromancer on quest for revenge. I call it a hybrid of RPG, RTS and roguelike, but what hybrid exactly?

  • Dialogue, back story and character development of typical RPG.
  • Direct control of your character.
  • Your war party will likely have dozens to hundreds of characters, both living and undead.
  • Dynamic relations between you and your minions, akin to the Nemesis system of Shadow of Mordor.
  • Crowd AI able to handle lots of characters on screen, so cities will actually get a decent living population.
  • Static, hand crafted world with lot of details filled in via procedural generation.
  • Characters move and fight using a physics engine.
  • There will be no manual save-points. Death for necromancer is not permanent, but your decisions will carry weight.

As for display and art style, little is decided at this point. We are juggling isometric 2d pixel art, top-down pre-renders with normal maps, low-poly 3d graphics… we’ll see that works best. We don’t have an artist on team right now, so art will be commissioned, and we do need a solid understanding before committing to a particular style. I focus right now on AI able to handle payload required.

Game will be released on PC, Linux and Mac initially.

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