Does it scale?

With a little after-hours studio in-depth testing becomes an issue. We are doing my best to test everything I write, but our resources are limited, so we often miss some edge cases. That’s where our closed beta comes on. One of our testers noticed that our HUD is really hard to read on high-resolution monitors. I had no way of knowing that – none of us have 4K monitor, so we would completely miss that for release!

Today I added interface scaling. Turns out it was not hard to do at all. On the contrary – at some point I added code to make the interface stay same size when window was resized!

Picking up this older gif made me just realize how far my graphics went in few short months. You don’t pick up these changes as you iterate. But I digress.

Adding a slider to settings took just few minutes. I still need to polish the details, but first I need to gather feedback from our testers – I have no idea if it works as well on the 4K screens. Either way, that is another piece of dark matter out of the way.

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