Rosatom-Antonov K37-TNTRL

Boasting 750kN of thrust with a mass of just 37.2T Rosatom-Antonov K37-TNTRL is the de-facto workhorse of the ring. High efficiency of main nuclear thermal rocket engine allows usage of inexpensive fission reactor with excellent reactive mass efficiency, allowing prolonged travel with acceleration of 10.2m/s² with payload of over 40T.

Popular “Tarantula” is crewed by three, and in emergency can be fully operated by single pilot. While with MTBF of over 7000h K37 regular inspections by qualified personnel are advised, ship can operate even with severe damage to most systems.

As with all Nuclear Thermal Rockets main engines are off-limits near stations and populated planets, and crew members should be regularly checked for radiation poisoning.

Prices range from 35000€ for cheapest aftermarket models to 174,999€ for brand new one.

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