1.42.7 – Signal to Noise

Runasimi releases quantum communications

Runasimi Inc. has introduced an advanced communication system tailored to meet the demands of real-time interlunar communications. This groundbreaking system employs a sophisticated quantum data transmission method in conjunction with Runasimi’s proprietary digital signal processing algorithms. This innovative approach ensures seamless and nearly instantaneous communication over interlunar distances, setting a new standard in space communication technology.

New flexible astrogation regulatory

Responding to the dynamic and challenging conditions of Saturn’s Rings, the Enceladian Astrogation Authority has significantly relaxed its astrogation regulations. This adjustment grants astrogators the liberty to traverse the debris-strewn expanses of the Rings without the encumbrance of filing detailed flight plans. Now, spacecraft within the Rings are merely required to maintain a record of potential destination coordinates, substantially minimising administrative tasks and bolstering operational agility. This regulatory update is designed to stimulate exploration and mining activities by streamlining procedural requirements, all while upholding the essential principles of space traffic safety and accountability.

Comprehensive astrogation console update

Minding LF’s latest update to its astrogation consoles, aimed at revolutionising the way astrogators sort and select navigation targets, has been released amidst a swirl of controversy. By introducing new algorithms for easier sorting and recovery of previously lost tracking data, the update offers astrogators unparalleled flexibility and precision in mission planning. However, its launch closely following the Enceladian Astrogation Authority’s new, more lenient navigation regulations has led to accusations of unfair competition, with critics suggesting Minding LF might have had prior knowledge of the regulatory changes.

Maintenance Logs

  • You can now call ships you talked with previously; most of the time, they will answer.
  • New simulation range controls in the settings menu allow you to limit the physics simulation area and improve performance on low-end systems.
  • New astrogation protocol. POI which you lost track of will still be selectable on your astrogation console – they are still contained in the ship logs, after all, it’s just your current astrogator that has trouble finding them. You may attempt an astrogation jump to such a location, but you will arrive at the location that is the best guess of your current astrogator.
  • Additional icons on the Astrogator console allow you to see different classes of astrogation destinations more easily.
  • You can now label your astrogation destinations with different colours, making it easier to distinguish one moonlet from another.
  • You can now zoom in on the Astrogation console visual map.
  • General astrogation re-balance. Since you can now travel to expired astrogation targets, the base tracking time of your crew was lowered by 25% to account for that.
  • Claim beacons will now return to the Enceladus Prime station automatically when your claim period expires. Previously, if you did not equip it again and travelled to exactly the same spot, you could find a defunct beacon waiting for you, just as if you just released it.
  • Map labels on the dive target selection screen and the Astrogator panel will now keep their original size when you zoom in and out.
  • Enhanced graphics on Enceladus stations. The station now has multiple-resolution images for all distances, so it will look more consistent when viewed at different zoom levels. Most notably, this removes subtle shimmering of the edges when the camera is zoomed away.
  • OCP-209 HUD now has Bearing and Orientation readouts.
  • Having your NDCI collision alert set to 10 seconds triggered a zero division, which could gradually degrade the performance of your game during dives.
  • The settings menu will no longer overflow the Steam Deck screen when you increase the HUD size.
  • Adjusted the layout of the Settings menu to fit additional controls.
  • Updated translations.

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