0.627.2 – Final Countdown

Elon Interstellar sues Ganymedean Anarchy

Earlier today, Elon Interstellar filed a lawsuit against a non-recognized group known as Ganymedean Anarchy over copyright infringement. The Martian company claims that the Anarchy allegedly illegally copied the source code of the “Bitter” social media platform to provide their own open-source alternative known as “Twatter”. Enceladian court denied the case as frivolous due to lack of jurisdiction. In an unrelated event, an unknown party delivered containers containing organically processed biomatter to Elon Interstellar CEO.

The Miners’ Guild lobbying for new regulations

The Miners’ Guild initiated a fundraiser to lobby for new regulations over crew replacement during paid sick leave, requiring that captains hiring replacement crew for employees that were injured at work will be required to keep both crews employed for a period of at least 6 months following a complete recovery. The Miners Guild hopes that such regulation will drastically improve the industry’s working conditions.

Allegations of Espionage in the Industrial Ring

Tensions are running high in the industrial ring of the Enceladus Prime space station as suspicions of industrial espionage rock the sector. Various companies operating within the industrial ring have raised concerns over potential information leaks and illicit activities that could compromise the stability and competitiveness of the station’s businesses. Despite the mounting suspicions and high tensions, no legal actions have been taken at this time. However, station authorities have launched an investigation into the allegations of industrial espionage. Law enforcement agencies are working diligently to identify the culprits and bring them to justice.

Maintenance Logs

  • You can now finish the Ganymedean infiltration quest.
  • Additional paths to complete the Ganymedean Infiltration quest, depending on what kind of crew you have on board your ship.
  • You can now find messages on GAnet’s Twatter based on your faction standing.
  • Increased the frequency of quest-related lifepod interactions.
  • You can now access the GAnet even if you did not agree to perform the infiltration job.
  • When returning to the station with complex objects in your cargo bay, such as rogue mining companions, they will be placed above other output you bring on the dive summary screen. This prevents them from intersecting with themselves or other objects and breaking physics on that screen.
  • Improved sick leave resolution. If a crew member is on sick leave and you don’t hire a replacement, they will automatically return to their duty when their sick leave ends. If you hire and assign a replacement, they will stay inactive unless a free seat is available on your ship.
  • Big Bad Wolf will now acknowledge the completion of some tasks they give you.
  • Using data obtained through espionage will now hurt your reputation with the party you obtained it from, should they discover it.
  • Polished up the Ganymedean Anarchy dialogue tree to follow some uncommon conditions and decisions you could make in the past.
  • Following two pirate ships that flee from you and losing none of them will no longer lead you to twin pirate stations.
  • Lifepods will not call you if an NPC picks them up.
  • Fixed the native executable icon on Windows.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Added additional achievement.
  • Updated translations.

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