0.583.1 – Inner Alignment

  • Added more aggressive dynamic physic limitation will now focus the simulation around your ship if there is a lot going on there. While a system like that existed in previous versions, in some events it could allow the physics simulation to track and simulate an unreasonable amount of objects, which for some playstyles caused the performance to degrade dramatically.
  • Ships and drones that are not actively powered, are in cargo bays or inside cradles will use much fewer resources. This improves performance for playstyles that favour multiple cargo containers constantly attached to your ship, especially on Antonoff-Titan AT-K225.
  • Docking arms that rotate ships attached to them will now allow your ship to dock both ways, making it possible to dock to habitats, ships and stations with your engines pointed at them. This makes it easier to perform some of the more challenging docking manoeuvres.
  • Big ships with docking arms now have their docking sequence adjusted to keep your ship further away from their hull. This makes it easier to dock with big and heavy ships.
  • Ship logs at the Enceladus Prime station will now will in from the end, making the most recent events immediately visible.
  • Adjusted physical shape for AT-K225 to prevent ore from sticking into certain areas and preventing astrogation.
  • When a terrified pirate was asking for a truce the dialogue could be cut short if you did not actively approach them.
  • Addressed the gameplay-story segregation of crewed derelict recovery. Previously, derelicts that turned out to be too damaged to salvage were rigged to explode. Now, they actually sustain the type of damage indicated by the dialogue. In the event of recovery of such craft by other means, the results will be consistent with the presented story. This will also prevent derelicts from spontaneously combusting if you recovered them in such way.
  • Tooltips will now simply fade in and out, instead of sliding through your screen. There is a bit more delay when displaying the tooltip.
  • Fixed an illegal access bug that could cause the game to crash if a point defence turret examined a possible target in the very same instant it was docking or undocking.
  • When attempting crewed derelict recovery and not having enough propellant on board to perform the action, in 66% of cases the relevant crew reply didn’t show up.
  • You could attempt to perform crewed salvage on a derelict that was in the process of being towed away by a Search and Rescue ship if it was a part of a crew quest.
  • Extended the “ignore minor collisions” tuning range for EIAA-1337 autopilot.
  • Changed the way the tutorial displays keyboard, gamepad and mouse controls to make it clear that some actions can be performed by more than one keypress, and the choice is up to the player.
  • Updated translations.

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