0.580.4 – Newsbreak

  • New Enceladus News Network broadcast for the Enceladian Billboards.
  • Added baked-in depth-of-field effect for the Enceladian Billboards to reduce aliasing artefacts and make displayed information easier to read.
  • Point Defence Systems of stations and ships would try to snipe out equipment from your cradle that they didn’t like. Due to their overzealousness, this often resulted in an escalation of violence. All PDT systems will now treat hardware attached to your ship through cradles the same as your ship – but the crew might still not like that you bring wiretaps to their area.
  • Some claim beacons could boot up while they were still attached to your ship – and tried to contribute to your ship manoeuvres with their own thrust. While commendable, this often resulted in overheating damage.
  • Adjusted physical collider shape on Antonoff-Titan AT-K225.
  • Ingesting cargo containers into your main hull and flying with them back to the station this way will now yield their contents, just like you had them attached to a dedicated cradle arm.
  • Changed the collision algorithm for carbon-based ice. Previously used raycast was precise for small, fast-moving objects, but tended to experience problems with multiple items confined in a cargo hull.
  • Limited the number of music tracks that can be mixed simultaneously. While all our soundtracks were designed to be mixed seamlessly, if you put 4 together, that didn’t sound very coherent.
  • Ship logs now display progressively, eliminating a lag spike in late-game saves.
  • Ghosts of deceased spacemen won’t haunt you with eerie music for the rest of your dive if you fail to put them to rest.
  • Adjusted OSX fullscreen mode handling. On some M1 systems, window manipulation could induce a race condition that caused the game to crash when you switched modes while it was running.
  • Updated translations.

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