0.567.2 – Carbon Footprint

Used ship import restrictions lifted

Import restrictions have been lifted on a group of ship variants, following their completion of safety testing. Keep an eye out at dealerships across the system; new, specialized configurations of the Prospector, K37, and Cothon should be available soon.

Graphene superconducting coils breakthrough

A new breakthrough in the graphene superconducting coil technology commonly used in superconducting magnetic energy storage systems allows the system to reach a much higher specific energy using a newly developed phase modulation technique. With the ability to dramatically increase SMES capacity through a software upgrade, manufacturers of most commercially available systems rushed to push out a firmware upgrade package unlocking the full capability of their systems.

Digital Mimas Halloween special concert

With the conclusion of Digital Mimas’ latest Halloween special concert tour, their new song is now available for purchase over most electronic platforms. Sales are expected to reach record numbers for the band, following the success of the tour introducing the title.

Maintainance Logs

  • New ship variant: Mitsudaya-Starbus / Titan Heavy Industries Pelican Prospector.
  • New ship variant: Rusatom-Antonoff / Triskellion-Armstrong KTA24.
  • New ship variant: Conlido Cothon-217 “Bender”.
  • Re-balanced Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage systems. Their capacity is now based on the latest estimations for graphene-based coils, effectively tripling their capacity. The charge/discharge behaviour now relies on the internal capacitor state rather than the power balance, making them more suitable to power high-draw appliances for prolonged periods. As a side effect, the new heuristics combined with increased capacity make them charge at a slower rate.
  • Added intro animation when starting a new save.
  • Additional soundtrack.
  • Fixed a bug in the dynamic simulation range routines that caused them to not take into account asteroid simulations, only ship simulations. This improves performance in dense areas and will make the ships despawn further away, making events that rely on flying together with an NPC ship, like patrols or races, to be more consistent.
  • Changed full-screen mode on OSX systems to not display docks or menu bars under any circumstances.
  • Updated translations and credits screen.

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