0.562.9 – Friends and Foes

  • Changed the dive target selection screen gamepad controls. You can now pick the location with the right analogue stick, while the left one controls the sliders, making it consistent with other menus.
  • The chat bubble comms reply prompt is now bigger and contains the button icon both on the Keyboard and Gamepad control schemes.
  • The IFF sliders on the Pilot tab of OMS are now easier to control with the gamepad.
  • Improved performance of some UI elements.
  • Fixed a race condition that could cause the Settings menu to crash on some systems, occasionally preventing the game from being launched at all.
  • NPC ships flying with nanodrone systems will now use them only on the ore they actually wish to collect.
  • Nanodrone system simulation will now ignore geologist settings, as no geologists are present in the simulation.
  • The pause menu will not be affected by auto-exposure. This makes the gamma slider helper image useful in-game.
  • Updated translations
  • Updated OSX engine version.
  • The new OSX full-screen mode conforms to the OS full-screen convention.

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