0.480.4 – Legal Combat

Runasimi loses on a technicality

The leading producer of LIDAR hardware, Runasimi Inc, lost a case in First Enceladian Court over not exposing rangefinding capabilities in their software package. The case presented by an independent contractor hinged over a technicality of having “Ranging” present in the name of “Light Detection and Ranging” equipment. While Runasimi accepted the ruling and rolled out an OTA update to their software, the company soon retaliated by suing the contractor for unlicensed use of military-grade targeting hardware.

Obonto shackles companions

Obonto Microengineering in cooperation with Nakamura Dynamics rolled out an unexpected upgrade to its popular reconnaissance drone. By cleverly subverting the standard SANBUS protocol of modern ships the upgraded drone is able to remotely inject operational imperatives to the class-2 artificial intelligence of Nakamura-Titan Mining Companions, enabling captains to direct the notoriously quirky drones with commands that they cannot disobey. AI researchers raised concerns over the possible unexpected side effects of connecting AI systems with a remote network.

Salvage audits across the station

With an increasing number of independent contractors entering the salvage operations industry, Enceladus Corp is conducting a station-wide audit of the salvage logs. Station authorities will search for both illegitimate salvages and any unusual salvage patterns that might suggest foul play.

Maintenance Logs

  • LIDAR display now shows scale.
  • Autopilot overlay for all autopilots will now show relative velocity and distance to your current target.
  • Nakamura-Titan Mining Companions now communicate with each other using your onboard Ship Area Network BUS, coordinating efforts to capture multiple ore nuggets at the same time.
  • NT mining companions can now be controlled with Obonto Microengineering Guiding Drone.
  • The dive summary screen will now list who brought in which nugget, making it easier to estimate the performance of hired miner wingmen and mining companions.
  • Ore carried by Mining Companions could be lost when they returned to Enceladus on their own.
  • Non-player controlled ships equipped with salvage arms won’t transfer ships they capture to the player.
  • Ships salvaged in the rings will now show up in your ship logs.
  • Eagle Prospector autopilot would trigger an alarm siren if you flew over 50m/s with an FBW-enabled autopilot and used WASD controls while pressing the right mouse button to orient your ship.
  • When launching a Cothon-212 with 5an empty beacon cradle in front low-stress mount and another cradled equipment fitted in the back, the latter was inadvertently released during the launch sequence.
  • In some regions of the rings, a map seam caused a number of glitches, including thruster flares not being visible on visual feed, ships orienting in a wrong direction during astrogation and astrogating backwards.
  • Pirate traps near moonlets won’t be present on peaceful difficulty anymore.
  • DLC are now properly recognized and loaded on OSX systems.

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