0.477.13 – Quantum Tunneling

  • When your crew levels up at the very start of a dive, the notification will not be obscured by the initial cutscene.
  • When you schedule a race with the racing crew, they will come on the same ship you agreed to race with.
  • A rounding error in radian to degree conversion prevented you from tuning autopilot rotation velocities to certain values.
  • Distance between astrogation targets discovered on the very seam of the ring map will now be calculated correctly.
  • In some circumstances your THI Cargo Container could move its processed cargo to Enceladus before leaving the map, making it possible to teleport ores if you caught it again.
  • Some achievements with progress could unlock prematurely.
  • A space right behind the torch of Eagle Prospector and the Bald Eagle counted as contents of its cargo hold, causing the ore nuggets to lose geology markers and autopilot locks.
  • When you dismissed a crewmember, the crew menu would automatically close after a few seconds.
  • One of the Obonto habitat arms docked you in a wrong orientation.

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