0.473.2 – Squadron 303

  • Difficulty selection. You can now choose the difficulty level of the game – and change it at any time. The difficulty level adjusts the types of events you can encounter, with the Peaceful level giving you no hostile encounters at all. The default level is Balanced.
  • If the game is unable to contact achievement service, due to being off-line, network outages, playing a demo or pirated version, unlocked achievements will be stored off-line and uploaded as soon as the game can contact the achievement provider again.
  • In-game notification of unlocked achievements as you unlock them.
  • New achievements.
  • Some achievements now have visible progress and will pop-up update notifications as you get through them.
  • The current player count is displayed in the main menu and pause menus.
  • Improved network error handling for achievement providers.
  • Increased the speed of mineral trade at Obonto habitats by 500%.
  • You need to actually agree to trade a mineral in order for habitat to buy it from you.
  • Fixed a number of typos in translations.

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