0.467.4 – Everything not saved will be lost

This is a very special update. In a time of a global crisis, there are causes that need your contributions more than we do. Today I’m lifting all the restrictions of the demo version, making it essentially a full game. Instead of buying ΔV, spend your money on something important and help someone in need. You can get the full version of ΔV when we have peace again.

Maintenance Logs

  • Removed all demo restrictions, making the demo essentially a full game. There are more important things than games you should be spending your money on now.
  • Additional story event.
  • A new gravimetric readout shader for EIME and Bald Eagle HUDs make the readouts much less noisy and more useful.
  • You could not click on tabs in the Hardware menu if your monitor resolution was small.
  • Adjusted audible warning levels on Elon Interstellar Model E heads-up display to not trigger warning sirens when fitted on a fission craft.
  • Eagle Prospector HUD will now fit well on 1280×720 displays.

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