0.436.4 – Effect of Mass

  • Game engine update to 3.4.2, with extra physics performance, new collision detection code, improved stability and graphics performance improvements.
  • All thrusters and torches now have mass, making the equipment swaps more meaningful.
  • Habitats will now talk to you when you dock to them, making it possible to continue quest conversations if you discussed trade on initial contact.
  • Support for Portugal (Brazil) language.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a temporary point of interest to persist on your astrogation map after you visited it.
  • Hitting a ship with microwaves will not trigger an emergency reactor shutdown unless you hit the reactor directly. This makes retrieving some items easier, prevents microwave-equipped opponents from stun-locking you easily, with a drawback that it makes microwaves less efficient for self-defence.
  • Performance improvements.

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