0.432.10 – Terminate Hostilities

  • Some NPC ships now have a military-grade point defence systems capable of targeting weak spots like reactors, making some optional encounters more challenging but also making them more helpful as allies.
  • NPC ships that belong to a faction that was friendly towards you could not become entirely hostile even under heavy fire.
  • You can now lock your mouse pointer to the game window in settings. Enabling this option will also enable hardware mouse pointer due to engine limitations.
  • Added custom sprite for the hardware mouse pointer.
  • Added a notification popup when your crew was taken off the active rooster by decreased crew capacity of your ship.
  • When you spun your ship fast while having a 30 FPS framerate limit enabled, your cradled equipment (mining companions, cargo containers) stretched out their cradles which could make them forcibly detach or explode.
  • Crew portrait will not flash for a moment before the animation when hiring a new crew.
  • Your crew will not ask for free days if you have already agreed to them.
  • Fixed lighting glitches inside The Space Bar.
  • Docking arms inside The Space Bar will now hold your ship and orient it correctly.
  • New achievement.
  • Updated translations.

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