0.300.12 – A dinner in Hell

Racing team fined

Ringracing team was fined for reckless flying. Acting upon numerous complaints from independent subcontractors Enceladus Corp dispatched a private investigation on so-called ringracers. Flight log analysis found them guilty of numerous accounts of reckless flying. A bounty of 3 million enceladollars was posted and as of today it was claimed by independent Vilcy subcontractor.

Planck’s time revised

Recent experimental results in the applied field physics revealed that the framerate of our universe is different than predicted. While scientists are excited by the breakthrough, experts advise caution, as experiments were not replicated yet.

Insect extermination notice

  • Performance optimizations, improving performance across all systems.
  • Fixes in physics simulation, which could accumulate error when you traveled for a really long time without using astrogation.
  • Some of the upgrade icons suggested they need more power than they really do.
  • “Insufficient power” icon will now be displayed on hardware you have already installed.
  • Some of the pirate encounters were repeating too often.
  • Bald Eagle HUD charts improved: power shortage icons won’t flicker all the time when your computer is damaged, performance charts of the HUD will display properly when your internal sensors are damaged.
  • Your dive target could be sliding sometimes even when you had the “optimize dive costs” option turned on.
  • Dive window will now display how your crew affects your dive costs.
  • Cargo bay microseismic focus tuning available again.
  • All NPC ships are now more careful when maneuvering around other ships.
  • Ships that are hostile towards each-other won’t be confused by equipment obstructing the line of fire.
  • Updates superconducting magnetic energy storage descriptions to make it clear that powers listed are for charging and discharging.
  • Morale and salary icons will now be visible in all screen resolutions.
  • Fixes to final dialogue trees in ex-pirate quest.
  • Enhanced the quest module to grant more uniform quests across crew.
  • Entire upgrade slot header is now clickable in the upgrades menu.
  • Habitat trade was causing logs to be flooded with individual trade packages.

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