0.299.4 – The Salvage Conspiracy

Predatory pricing revealed

Independent investigation revealed a predatory pricing conspiracy of several salvage operators in the Enceladus region. Undisclosed entities offered excessive prices on salvage arms in an attempt to drive independent competition out of business. Enceladus Monopoly Agency is said to investigate the subject, but as of today, no charges have been filed.

Incoherent Light

Recently discovered glitch in Coherent Light pulse laser hardware could cause excessive power to be pumped into the laser medium, causing discharges that exceeded all safety limits. While exact effect on crystal longevity was not disclosed, recall has been issued on all CL-600P mining lasers. This development severely impacted sales of the newly released CL-200AP, driving the prices down.

Used ship policy

In an attempt to even out the second-hand ship market, Enceladus Corp issued a used ship bill that regulates ship offers. All offers now have to include a list of all key equipment installed on ship – this includes total thermal output of the reactor, installed ultracapacitor arrays, but also secondary elements like autopilot retrofits or paired reconnaissance drones.

Improved digital safety

In a surprise sweep ATLAS operatives have apprehended a rogue AI operating on Enceladus station. Two independent edgerunners were involved in operation, but details of operation are not disclosed to the public at this time. Independent sources claim that the operation was related to station record backups.

Leaks Patched

  • Fixed a number of typos
  • Save files now have backups and are saved in a way that ensures that even power failure during save won’t corrupt data.
  • Microwave beam will now dissipate gradually when it hits something close to the emitter.
  • New Coherent Light CL-200AP mining laser available.
  • Kinetic damage of pulse lasers was much too high.
  • Text in the dealer menu will no-longer overlap on small screens.
  • Dealer lists much more details about the ship he sells.
  • Additional notifications will pop-up for story related events and salvage events.
  • In-ring trade events are now in logs.
  • Fixed replacement price for salvage arm which was higher than purchase price.

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