0.280.6 – Saturnward: Flight School

Most prominent feature of this release is an improved tutorial. I gathered first-impression feedback and changed the tutorial based on them, to make your initial spaceflight experience smoother.

If you would like to try out the tutorial again, remember to enable it in the settings menu – and start a new game.

Constant Improvement

  • Optimized save game format. Saves are now smaller and load faster, even when they contain the same information.
  • Changed the way mineral market loads and displays data – instead of creating entire market data when you enter Enceladus station, it loads it as needed – when you are browsing the market.
  • Gamma correction slider will allow you to brighten or darken the screen based on your individual preference and lighting conditions.
  • Added a separate graphics settings tab.
  • Fixed a bug in gamepad controls that caused autopilot to go nuts – or even crash – when you touched the right control stick just the right way.
  • Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage systems will now report their stored energy to the ship’s computer.
  • Additional dialogue options for ring-racing crew.

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