Expanding the HUD

Continued work on HUD of K37. I’m trying to design its display to mimic modern civilian jets. Today I added ship mass data and prototype mouse control – it will allow player to fine-tune ships behaviour in flight. There are still large graphical portions missing – there is no radar, and I expect a graphical image of the ship systems to be useful for the pilot. I’m starting however from essential data.

Since K37 is using real physical engine to fly, there is an enormous amount of relevant data to present. Many space sims have dummy displays to have a cockpit that feels busy and high-tech, and it seems that in ΔV all these will be filled with actual relevant information.

Game engine got a mass control today. Ammo, reactive mass and cargo really affect flight model now. And since my engines and thrusters now use reactive mass, I needed to compute a specific impulse for TNTRL: 6480km/s or 650000s. Quite a lot.

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