1.52.17 – Finite State

  • Improved dialogue decorators. When a dialogue option results in a member of your crew going away, you will now see a clearer indication that they are leaving, including the time they will be away.
  • The exact mineral composition of all the ore chunks you collect and process is now stored in your save file. Previously, the game relied on procedural seed to recreate the same composition after interlunar transit, but this approach proved to be inaccurate – especially if you had partially-processed chunks in your cargo hold.
  • Fixed a memory leak that caused the game to use more memory when you encountered entities you could talk to.
  • Fixed scale of the locust swarm, in which participants were twice as big as they should be.
  • Enhanced performance logs. Additional information contained in long-term performance logs will make it easier to pinpoint any performance issues that build over long periods of time, like any memory leaks.
  • If you collected a weregild and the captain you were processing felt like explaining themselves, they got distracted and did not remember that they paid you, allowing you to ask for money a second time. 
  • Updated translations.

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