1.44.4 – Ludocognitive Dissonanse

  • A new cognitive enhancer is available at drugstores across Enceladus. It allows ship captains to retain memories of previous encounters with other ships, factions and players, making subsequent encounters with the same ships more consistent.
  • The Enceladian Tuning crew was found to often leave the ship computer running after the initial examination of the ship. This wasted quite a lot of power and caused the performance on the Enceladus station to degrade after entering the Tuning menu until you left the station. The crew was instructed to power down any hardware they used after they finished working on it.
  • Improved performance of the Fleet and Dealer menus.
  • When you acquired an encounter location via dialogue near the inner or outer edge of the rings, you could find that location much closer than it was supposed to be, up to spawning just next to you as soon as you finished up the dialogue. A proper distance will be maintained now.
  • Crew leaving damaged derelicts will turn off their autopilot.
  • The time of travel display on the Astrogation console will now be consistent with the distance display, both showing zero when you are near a spot where you lost track of a destination.
  • The Ganymedean base now has access to cognitive enhancers, so it will remember your personal reputation when you return to it. This shifts the balance of gaining the favour of the base itself with trade, smuggling, and other personal favours and prevents the base from only vaguely remembering both good deals they had with you, as well as your attacks on them.
  • When you deal with the Ganymedean station, the deal will be marked as accepted once you actually accept it, not when it’s first mentioned.
  • Fixed a vertical splice visible sometimes on a prototype K44 ship’s hull.
  • Fixed a potential crash to desktop if you exited the Tuning menu with the sensor simulation running.
  • The banding-like wave formations in the rings should now be limited to places where they are actually placed on the map.
  • You can’t extort pirates over and over again by shooting them just after you finish talking.
  • If you deploy a B8 claim beacon and then pick it up again immediately, you will now be able to re-deploy it in another spot.

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