1.25.9 – Docking Protocol

  • If you install a smaller drone, ammunition, or propellant container, and your ship currently has supplies that exceed its capacity, you will get a refund on the excess consumables as soon as you launch your dive.
  • AI will now treat ships or drones docked to other vessels and stations differently. This will most noticeably cause friendly ships to not attempt to communicate with and examine each of your containers if you run a general cargo ship, leaving your vicinity much sooner.
  • The racing team will take a clue that you are not interested in racing when you tell them so and will leave you alone, even if they really like you.
  • Added a workaround for a driver bug that caused the game to crash on Intel-based OSX systems.
  • Fixed animated icons on the Eagle Prospector HUD not displaying if the HUD did not boot on-screen.

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