1.16.5 – Astrogeological Breaktrough

Ships approved for operation

Antonoff-Titan K225-BB break-bulk cargo carrier now approved for sale on Enceladus Prime station. A popular second-hand modification designed for carrying cargo that cannot be easily processed into standardized containers sacrifices some of its docking bays to extend the raw cargo capacity of its cargo hold.

Tetsuo Industries releases an industrial massdriver

Tetsuo Engineering, a trailblazer in advanced propulsion technology, proudly introduces the HMX-2000I Mass Driver. The HMX-2000I Mass Driver combines the power of proven magnetoplasmadynamic (MPD) technology from rocket thrusters with state-of-the-art superconducting acceleration coils. This fusion of engineering marvels results in an industrial iron delivery system with unparalleled throughput. It boasts the capability to accelerate iron particles up to an astounding 2000 meters per second, effortlessly delivering over 500 kilograms of material every second.

Astrogeological breaktrough

Recently created new generation of microseismic sensor arrays have revealed a remarkable geological revelation: the existence of pockets containing pure ore veins nestled within Saturn’s A-ring. As scientists prepare to delve into the mysteries surrounding the formation of these valuable ore deposits, the miners’ guild has seized the opportunity to enhance the sensors on their spacecraft, with the aim of maximizing the profitability of their upcoming missions.

Maintenance logs

  • New ship variant: Antonoff-Titan K225-BB break-bulk cargo carrier.
  • Tetsuo HMX-2000I Heavy Mass Driver is now available for purchase in the dealership near you.
  • Mineral veins are now more pronounced, making rings surveying and exploration more meaningful.
  • Obonto USV-D Microseismic Series Reconnaissance Craft sensors are now 200% more accurate.
  • New moonlet class recently discovered in the Rings by the Enceladian Astrology Division.
  • New Uranium purification methods drove the price of raw uranium ore up by 400%.
  • Hot kinetic ammunition will now cause thermal damage. Depending on the systems used, this can mean from 5% to 30% more damage from kinetic weapons.
  • Thruster plume graphics will not depend on the physics framerate anymore.
  • Some used AT-K225 ships were sold with a non-functional high-stress hardpoints. You could buy and sell hardware for it, but it was not installed on your ship. Crew complained abouit big hardware crates in the mess hall.
  • Projectiles that transfer heat to a target will lose that heat, preserving the conservation of energy.
  • Adjusted the random event distribution. Some very rare events are not so rare anymore, and some pretty common ones will be less common.
  • Astrogators will now be more careful when plotting a course towards big objects, ensuring the entry vector will not collide with their destination.
  • Improved physics performance of the engine around moonlets of all shapes and sizes.
  • 4k textures DLC expanded to cover new types of encounters.
  • Obonto habitats with whom you have excellent relations with will not transfer all the ore you sold them to the Enceladus station, where you can sell it again for even more profit.
  • The music mixer could mix between three tracks, rather than the two it was supposed to, which led to some unexpected music mixes.
  • Updated translations.

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