1.0.45 – Unholy Union

  • Fixed GOG achievements synchronization. At some point, there seemed to be a change in the achievement API that caused some of them not to be registered by Galaxy. This update adds a workaround and will automatically synchronize all your achievements that were not registered correctly the first time you launched the game.
  • Mining Companions, both rogue and well-behaved, sometimes entered an unholy union, with each of them entering simultaneously entering the cargo bay of the other. Attempting to astrogate with such an agglomerate in your cargo bay caused the reality to wrap up on itself and collapse your ship to singularity, crashing the game in the process.
  • Transponder codes of your mining companions, cargo containers, and beacons will not repeat themselves anymore.
  • Fixed the coolant leak animation on some reactors, which still glitched if you moved the camera near them rapidly.
  • Updated translations.

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