1.0.33 – Matter of Time

  • Altering the time flow rate will not change the energy of impacts anymore. Previously, slowing down time with adrenal response would make some damages lower and others higher, making them inconsistent with a normal time-flow rate.
  • Re-balanced jerk-based damage and made it independent of time flow. Jerk is the change in acceleration, which you will experience if you hit a big rock or with similar lithobraking maneuvers. Previously, the jerk damage was affected by the rate at which time moved, making the damage much worse when the adrenaline kicked in. This release removes that time dependency and slightly adjusts the damage to compensate for the change.
  • Adjusted ship acceleration computation to be more accurate.
  • Centrifugal force will not depend on the rate of time flow anymore.
  • Corrected centrifugal force on KTA24 TNTRL.
  • Fixed Doppler Lidar velocity readouts being affected by the rate of time flow. This made the majority of the Doppler Lidar turn white when your adrenaline kicked in and also made the Lidar screens available in the OMS menu show mostly white dots. Now they both will show the correct colours for items getting closer and moving away.
  • New minerals being detected or lost in the cargo bay could cause the big cargo bay scanner available in the OMS Geologist tab to reset.
  • Adjusted Eagle Prospector default reactor settings to 3000K to match the operational parameters of its stock Yama SSR reactor core. You can still tune it up or down to any desired temperature.
  • Big Bad Wolf will talk to you even if you engage in conversation with other members of Vilcy nearby before approaching it.
  • You can’t tell a miner asking for advice that he is in a shallow region if you are not actually in a shallow ring region anymore.
  • Fixed typos in some in-universe commercials.
  • Updated translations.

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