0.624.13 – Flying by Stars

  • Changed the astrogation drift and spawning parameters. You will now come out of the astrogation sequence much closer to your destination. This can both make the game much easier, removing the need to search the destination area for what you were looking for, but also substantially increasing the risks of astrogation accidents. 
  • Adjusted the spot where your ship comes out of the astrogation sequence during astrogation with a minimal speed. You should now end up at a similar distance to your target as if you were astrogating with your default velocity.
  • You can now scroll your pre-flight inspection screen with a gamepad.
  • When you hire a new crewmember, they will be automatically assigned as the preferred crew for the ship you had active when hiring. This prevents them from automatically leaving the crew if a day passes.
  • You can’t pause and save after the launch sequence starts anymore. This prevents saving the game in a state where you paid launch fees but did not actually launch.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause complex objects to spawn on top of other entities.
  • Added extra logging to pinpoint any potential astrogation problems.
  • Changed the way the “rest at a capsule hotel until the end of maintenance” option is presented on failed pre-flight inspection.
  • Fixed a race condition that could cause focus to not change to the hotel option on some systems, requiring mouse use to launch.
  • Fixed the background viewport scaling at the Enceladus station. When changing resolution, HUD size or window size, the station in the background could get distorted.
  • Updated translations.

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