0.623.4 – Universe Tour

  • Additional interactions with bounty hunters.
  • Adjusted point defence safety protocol sensitivity on certain weapons. It is now more diligent in detecting your ship, and should prevent some possible accidents – when it’s not damaged too heavily.
  • Fixed a bug in the dialogue system that caused some dialogue options to not appear for you.
  • Adjusted claim beacon mounting spot on the Vulture Prospector to prevent the drone from bashing into your ship hull during manoeuvres.
  • Your singer will now perform a tour in 7 days, not 168.
  • You can’t perform over and over at the station by undocking and docking again.
  • Classic mode easter egg will now work on Enceladus station.
  • Actuator noise your point defence weapons make will now pitch down correctly when you are under the effect of an adrenal boost.
  • Swapped orientation of docking arms on some stations you can encounter to make them more (or less) symmetrical.
  • Updated translations and translation credits.

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