0.620.3 – More Dakka

Dangerous MPI railgun retrofit kits

Mars Power Industries’ railgun kits, known for being cheap but inaccurate, are now available on the second-hand market. The kits were originally intended for use on Mars, where affordable weapons were needed. However, their low accuracy and short lifespan have raised concerns about their effectiveness. Unscrupulous dealers are selling the retrofit kits without proper testing and certification, potentially endangering buyers.

Pilots Urgently Needed to Collect Debris

Enceladus Corp is urgently seeking experienced pilots to collect debris in Saturn’s Rings, where mass driver fire has increased debris density to a critical level. Failure to act may cause catastrophic collisions in the region. Skilled pilots with experience in space debris collection are needed for this high-risk mission, which requires careful navigation and hazard awareness. Time is of the essence to prevent the escalation of the Kessler Syndrome.

Triskelion-Armstrong Settles Planned Obsolescence

Triskelion-Armstrong settles lawsuit over planned obsolescence of AR-1500 Salvage Manipulator, releases upgrades increasing durability by over 400%. The company was accused of designing the product to have a limited lifespan, forcing customers to replace it regularly. Upgrades include reinforced parts, improved power systems, and enhanced software. Customers and experts praise the move as a demonstration of the company’s commitment to responsible manufacturing practices.

Maintenance logs

  • You can install railguns on low-stress hardpoints.
  • All massdrivers, including railguns and coilguns, can be damaged now. This shifts combat balance significantly, as hitting hostile craft can now make their weapons less accurate or outright useless.
  • Your ships now remember the crew you assigned to them and will switch to your preferred crew when you pick them, if available.
  • When two stations were less than 10km from each other, one could message you about relocating, but the other would move away.
  • Re-balanced some weapon repair costs and times. Weapons that are, according to the game lore, established on the market and have easy access to replacement parts will now be much cheaper to repair – but the repairs will take longer to represent the time required to adjust to subtle differences in available aftermarket replacement parts.
  • Railgun based massdrivers are now less accurate than coilgun-based ones.
  • Decreased the wear of salvage manipulators.
  • NDCI firing solution projection will now take into account the projectile spread of damaged massdrivers.
  • Improved performance of projectile rendering.
  • Fixed a leak that caused projectiles that don’t hit anything to be simulated indefinitely, possibly degrading performance over time if your playstyle included missing a lot.
  • Equipment which is not part of the pre-flight inspection will not be marked as “failing” or “passing” inspection on the repair screen.
  • Texts displayed on the information billboard in your docks will no longer jump around when preparing to play video.
  • Enceladian information billboard in docks will avoid displaying the same program too often.
  • Eagle Prospector HUD (both imperial and metric) will not hide part of the last equipment line outside the screen when OLED screen saving is active.
  • New in-universe advertisement available on the Enceladus docking information billboard.
  • Updated translations and unified unit presentation in ship and equipment specification tabs.

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