0.609.2 – Icebreaker

  • Mineral processing units capable of processing massive asteroids will now apply damage based on the exposed area of the rock they process. This considerably speeds up the processing speed of Rusatom-Antonoff MPU applied to larger asteroids in your cargo hold – but also increases the power requirements to process.
  • Fly-by-wire autopilots will now use another computation method for the desired velocity, ignoring the overshot limits of autopilots. This will increase angular velocity you can apply with a fly-by-wire autopilot, as it is not concerned about being able to stop within 90 degrees if you release the control anymore.
  • Added a new crash reporter, which should give me more information to fix any crash-to-desktop problems.
  • Fine-tuned jittering settings of the engine. This should result in much smoother gameplay, especially if something unexpected happens that uses a lot of computer resources.
  • Fine-tuned memory settings for a smoother background loading experience.
  • Videos on the Enceladus billboard now utilize lazy loading, and they should load just before they are displayed. This should fix some video playback problems as well as a race condition experienced on some Linux systems, which caused the game to freeze when you load a save immediately after the main menu is displayed.
  • Improved performance of asteroid spawning.
  • Anomalies and points of interest will now appear further away from your ship, giving you more time to react and preventing some astrogation accidents – but making them harder to find.
  • If your ship suffered kinetic damage during cutscenes, some could carry out and get applied just a few seconds after the cutscene ended.
  • Impact with thruster exhaust will not cause the same kinetic damage as being hit by rocks.
  • Fine-tune tooltip appearance speed. They will appear sooner now.

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