0.589.7 – Pack Hunting

  • Ore exploitation is now persistent between the dives and stored in your save. If you keep strip-mining the same area, you will find it eventually barren. The random fluctuation and collisions will eventually replenish any such location, but it takes a significant amount of in-game time.
  • Vilcy now have a local branch accessible from the Services menu, where you can pay up your bounties at a discount before being approached by patrols in the rings.
  • Reworked the crew bio card. Crew skills are now visible for your hired crew, and there is a new icon for “this skill level is roughly the same as your current crew has”.
  • Wingmen are now much better at keeping formation, getting out of your ship’s way and avoiding large asteroids.
  • Re-balanced services. Certain services now have a cooldown, so going into an all-you-can-eat buffet for three days straight is no longer the optimal way to improve your crew morale.
  • Billboards on the Enceladus station now use mipmaps, making the edges of texts and graphics displayed less jagged.
  • Changes the locations of docking ports on a particular asteroid-based space station to accommodate bigger and heavier ships docking.
  • Your crew could get confused on a failed EVA salvage mission if another ship approached, making them return to the wrong ship.
  • When hiring a Vilcy member as a bodyguard, he won’t promise to share a portion of gathered ore with you, as they are not interested in mining.
  • All Heads-Up Displays operate now in OLED-display-friendly mode, slightly switching the location of fixed elements over time to prevent burn-in damage in prolonged dives.
  • Updated game credits.
  • Updated translations.

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