0.574.3 – Human Reaction

  • NPC pilots will now have a human-level reaction time when spotting and assessing the damage of their ships. In addition of improved immersion, this dramatically lowers the processing requirements when other ships are present, improving performance all across the board, but especially on systems that had performance drops due to insufficient CPU processing power. The effect is most noticeable when there are multiple ships around you.
  • Additional “dirty lens on recoinessanse drone” visual effect.
  • Screen-reading shaders, like the visual cue for hearing impaired, damaged computer, colourblind correction or gamma correction, will now be completely disabled automatically when not in use, improving performance on low-end and integrated GPU cards.
  • Turning off the Postprocessing in settings will now disable more post-processing effects further improving performance on low-end and integrated GPU cards.
  • Direct and Smoothed camera modes will not zoom in or out automatically based on relative motion of things around your ship anymore.
  • Additional in-universe advertisements display at the Enceladus station billboard.
  • Mood change indicators after visits in morale-boosting services on the Enceladus station will now really update immediately after a visit.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Steam Leaderboard high score upload to be delayed and sometimes aborted.
  • Translation update – complete Hungarian translation, start of the Greek translation.

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