0.561.4 – Binary Safety

  • New action icons for gamepad and mouse controls were made to be more readable on handheld displays.
  • Improved performance of ore and asteroid despawning when away from your ship.
  • Improved safety protocol for PDT turrets to take account of the cone of fire and range of your weapon. This will prevent accidental fire on unintended targets when safety protocol is active, including your own ship, but can reduce the rate of fire as the PDT computer needs to ensure a proper target lock. Disable safety protocol in the Tuning menu to restore reckless behaviour.
  • Adjusted cargo bay area detection of AT-K225 to prevent ores hitting the front of the ship from being momentarily accounted for as cargo.
  • The autopilot lock on an ore nugget captured by another ship is now disengaged automatically.
  • When leaving an area with an established point of interest, some of them could re-spawn in front of you.
  • Fixed keyboard and gamepad controls in the pilot tabs, which sometimes prevented you from haling ships until you left and got back to the pilot tab.
  • Fixed keyboard and gamepad controls in the setting menu, which could skip some options if you navigated down.
  • New achievements.
  • Updated translations.

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