0.550.2 – Collision Course

  • Friendly ships approaching you will not pick a collision course anymore. This prevents accidental collisions in case of power or thruster failures.
  • Ore nuggets you collect now have a slight size variation. This prevents some artificial stockpiling and jams at the bottlenecks of the ship (the excavator, MPU) and will make the bare-bay mining missions a bit more profitable.
  • Fixed “the singer” crew quest not recording certain events and possibly granting an achievement at the wrong time.
  • Mining companions are now more careful when grabbing rocks and will actively try to avoid your ship.
  • Fixed excessive bloom on HAL 9000 HUD.
  • NDCI autopilot collision warning overlay will now ignore the light ore chunks again.
  • Pilots flying AT-K225 will not freak out inside inhabited caves anymore.

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