0.532.1 – Friends and Foes

  • Your astrogator tactical awareness skill will now place different markers on ships recognized as hostile, equipped with damage estimation of the target.
  • Changed the physics of small very objects, like certain crystals and isolated pockets of carbon. They will now fit between the gaps in your cargo hold and will not clog your mineral processing units.
  • Streamlined the background resource loading. You will be able to jump into the game a few seconds quicker.
  • Improved performance of the Enceladus Prime station, which should be especially noticeable on slower computers.
  • Already captured rogue cargo containers won’t play “nearby mystery” music anymore.
  • The smart camera will not zoom out or in slowly when you are holding the right mouse button and an interesting object simultaneously moves into the field of view.
  • Attached mining companions could prevent you from astrogating.

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