0.514.3 – Shifting Gears

  • A number of performance improvements for mid-range machines that don’t have a lot of L3 CPU cache. This should significantly improve performance with advanced autopilots, busy HUDs, near NPC-controlled ships and in the Mineral Market.
  • New modding infrastructure, which allows mods that are less intrusive and more likely to work across game updates. Note that mods are still not officially supported, can cause all kinds of problems, corrupt saves, cause crashes, etc. This is not a feature for the faint of heart at this stage of development. Should you want to try, despite the warnings, find details on #mod-library on cour discord
  • The salvage manipulator will now ignore new targets during the astrogation cutscene. This prevents accidental snatching of large asteroids that could cause serious damage when you arrived.
  • The mineral market will now always show the minimum and maximum values of the ores on charts.
  • Excavator would open if you quickly alt-tabbed out of the game multiple times while the Streaming mode was activated.
  • Astrogation points you have a track of are now unlikely to unexpectedly change locations in the rings.
  • Obonto habitats won’t cluster in tight formations anymore.
  • Habitats will now be able to tell you that they are relocating to a new spot.
  • Ships you agreed to meet in a specific spot won’t approach you at random anymore.
  • Thrusters and torches will not cause thermal damage during a final return cutscene when your ship flies above or below the rings. This prevents accidental destruction of ships if you decide to return to the base near them.
  • The rogue THI Cargo Containers that you can sometimes encounter in the rings will now have a correct course and faction.
  • If you manage to catch a racing drone and release it again before the race starts, it will power up again.
  • Random events you discover during dialogues will now be more spread out.

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