0.505.6 – Moving Pictures

Entertainment and Advertising

Short movies and advertisements now run at idle information boards in docking areas. Many have already criticized the information boards as a blatant move to create advertising space, and this seems to bear out their worries. However, some crews waiting for dive clearance approval expressed relief for anything to watch as they wait for approval to depart. Enceladus Corp has denied accusations that increases in wait times are an intentional move to boost their advertising metrics.

Third party remote manipulator software approved

After years of stagnant drivers and software hindering the effective use of Triskelion-Armstrong’s ARM-1500 platform outside of salvage and cargo operations, third-party software has been approved for use in Ring A. With more advanced software packages available, this move is expected to increase their effectiveness in mining operations.

Astrogation protocols updated

New requirements for record keeping now mandate closer tracking and more detailed records of any objects of interest ‌in the rings, to aid in tracking navigational hazards. Ring researchers hope to use the additional data to gain a better understanding of the complex gravitational interactions within the rings.

Maintenance logs

  • AR 1500 Salvage Manipulator can now be directed on your Geologist tab to pick up specific ores.
  • New Titan Heavy Industries Monocargo Container is now available in the hardware store near you.
  • Display boards all across Enceladus station now display mini-movies to entertain the crew of the docked ships.
  • Your astrogator will now be able to record more than one discovery with the same name.
  • Removed the blinking lights from the background of Enceladus Prime station.
  • Updated the Bald Eagle description to reflect 2 low-stress hardpoints that are available on the ship.
  • The amount of camera pan was dependent on the resolution you were playing in. This caused the game to move the viewport further away on 4K displays, and hardly move the camera on small displays, like Steam Deck. Camera panning is consistent now.
  • Window decoration settings are now updated only when needed. This fixes window decorations flickering on and off when adjusting unrelated display settings.
  • Fixed a memory leak that could crash the game when you fast-forwarded time on the station.
  • You won’t receive two notifications for the same discovery anymore.
  • Labels on the Mechanic tab are now vertically centred.
  • Turning off the background particles used more resources than it should.
  • Some of the UI buttons sounds in the Settings menu played multiple times, making them louder than others.
  • If you meet the racing crew after you already scheduled the race, they will acknowledge it.
  • Updated translations.

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