0.494.8 – Heads Up

  • Eagle Prospector HUD system list will not overflow even when there are a lot of systems installed.
  • EIME HUD now has a longer range of LIDAR.
  • Improved performance of EIME HUD.
  • HUD boot-up sounds now respect time-related pitch changes when you use an adrenaline booster.
  • Improved performance of the Dealer menu when you own a lot of ships.
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect prices of an owned ship to be displayed depending on which button you used to display your ship.
  • Fixed hotkeys that toggle front low-stress hardpoints on K44 prototype.
  • Fixed cargo hold area of K44 prototype, which didn’t consider ore held in the very tip of it’s beak to be part of your cargo.
  • Removed redundant log entries that could cause slowdowns due to disk access.
  • Notifications that pop up during the dive won’t capture mouse clicks, allowing you to interact with screens below them even when they are displayed.
  • Some ships used unlisted reactor core configuration. Owned ships with unlisted configuration will now default to closest legal configuration.
  • Hardware simulation window now has minimum size to ensure that the entire description is visible even on small monitors.

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