0.461.3 – Cosmic Background

Digital Mimas performance

The classical music performance will be held next week in the netspace of Enceladus. The Digital Mimas Orchestra, conducted by renowned R2D7, will perform classical works of Bach, Penderecki, Jarre and Moloney, as well as some modern pieces by both digital and organic composers. Performance bandwidth allocation will be limited to 5000 attendees and ticket sales will start this midnight.

Man-Hub adjudicated legal across Sol

The Interplanetary Court of Sol has passed a judgement in a century-old dispute on the legal standing of controversial information and manual database. With a stated goal of providing free and unrestricted access to information, Man-Hub was sued for violating intellectual property laws by multiple corporations. In closing, the jury proclaimed that the release of manuals shared by the service was already mandatory for all affected parties and the whole case was based on a technicality. The judgment is not final.

Thruster burns are a basis for weregilds

In today’s press conference the spokesmen of the Vilcy formation revealed that the bounty-hunting organization considers thruster burns as a fully-fledged basis for posting weregilds. Exhaust-based damage was often disputed as mere accidents, and this release opens up a shortened path for offended parties to seek compensation.

Maintenance Logs

  • Additional soundtrack.
  • New User Manual tab for all equipment, detailing in-game usage of your hardware.
  • If you don’t agree on a trade, but still dock at habitat, they won’t tell you that ore transfer is in progress.
  • Some portions of the screen could not be interacted with using the mouse.
  • Consistently burning ships or stations with your torch drives will be considered a hostile act now. Accidental burns might still be forgiven.
  • In some situations, you could get a salvage option for a lifepod of a ship rather than for a ship. If successful, this could corrupt your savegame.
  • Fixed some typos.

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