0.428.6 – Nuclear Leak

  • Fixed a bug that caused crashes on startup on some systems.
  • Re-balanced reactor leak damage. Reactors are now less likely to leak seriously, but the leak is more extensive when they finally do.
  • Adjusted physics collision detection settings to prevent dead bodies from entering reactors without proper shielding.
  • Fixed a race condition in a microseismic drone, affecting your cargo scanner, which sometimes caused readings to disappear.
  • Bullets shot from a ship that moves quickly sidewise won’t hit its hull anymore.
  • Added mipmapping to icons that were missing it.
  • Added delay between messages from different ships and entities, so you don’t get a new conversation just as you are finishing your current one, as that could cause you to overlook a new message while you hang up.
  • Elon Interstellar Model E cargo bay doors are much less likely to damage themselves on front-mounted weapons during hard burns.
  • Nuclear Activated Nanoparticle Incinerator is now much more resistant to being misaligned – but if you manage to misalign it, it’s more significant.
  • Crew quests and agendas for inactive crew members are stored in a save file, enabling other persons to have the same story at a different stage.
  • Updated translations.

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