0.337.20 – Elder School

Conlido Fleet Rotation

Conlido RVM is finally upgrading it’s transport fleet from the outdated Cothon-212 models to the new Cothon-441, increasing earthbound cargo bandwidth by over 300%. Refurbished Cothon-212 cargo haulers have begun to show up on the second-hand market.

Docking Maintenance Complete

Scheduled docking ring maintenance was completed today. Maintenance records show multiple cases of broken docking arms and upgraded docking firmware. Enceladus Corp denies any connection between the maintenance and accidents reported, claiming the correlation to be purely coincidental.

Unauthorized HUD refits

Unauthorized HUD refits have voided the manufacturer’s and third-party warranties on several ships. The refit of the Heavily Armored Lifepod 9000’s internal HUD to the computer systems of a K37 was demonstrated by a popular RingTube influencer this week. ENN cannot endorse this dangerous refit except in case of an emergency, and cautions all pilots that the lifepod systems are not designed to be refitted to larger craft.

Maintenance Records

  • New fully playable ship: Conlido RVM Cothon-212.
  • New HUD: The HAL lifepod dashboard.
  • Fixes to tutorial: I made conditions for the tutorial to proceed to be more consistent if you don’t play along with Enceladus’ requests.
  • Fixed a bug that caused encounters with multiple ships to have a chance for objects to spawn on top of each-other, locking them up and dealing heavy damage.
  • You can now politely refuse being hired as a wingman.
  • Docking arm at Enceladus will exert less torque now and not shake your ship violently.
  • When installing smaller storage compartments or propellant tanks, ammunition, propellant or drones that exceed the capacity are now lost once you launch for the rings.
  • Fixed a number of typos.
  • Improved performance of ship dealer screen.
  • Fixed a bug that made an extra save slot gained from installing free “Tales from the Rings” DLC unreachable.
  • Changed “optimize transit costs” to “allow target drift” on the dive target select screen, which has a similar effect but is much easier to understand.
  • Added gimbal information to Z-Axial Pinch drives.

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