0.309.1 – Recognition

Updated standard for reconnaissance drone feeds

A revision of H.256A video compression standard was finally approved for use for reconnaissance drone feeds. This highly anticipated upgrade improves both resolution and framerate at a limited latency, making it perfect for video-assisted ship maneuvering. Early adopters report vast improvements of framerate, as well as sufficient resolution to visually inspect even nozzles of RCS thrusters.

New drone regulations

In response to increased traffic of unmanned spacecraft, a new bill has been passed regulating autonomous use. Craft that are not equipped with natural language interfaces, and as such unable to communicate with human pilots, are prohibited from autonomous operation outside line-of-sight of their host.

Fusion on the event horizon

Elon Interstellar announced the release of their first fusion-based mining ship at this year’s Enceladus Expo. While details of design are not known, using fusion power for both on-board power as well as thrust promised unparalleled performance. Opponents of fusion technology note that no actual details were disclosed, and this announcement is likely to be a stock-market stunt only.

Maintenance Records

  • Performance upgrades in: HUD display, memory management, sensor emulation code, physics, Enceladus menus. My test setup shows over 200% improvement in performance.
  • You have now an additional full-screen option to choose from.
  • Added VSync switch to the settings menu, so it can be toggled during game.
  • You can increase the framerate of simulation if your computer is fast enough to handle it, or decrease it if you are playing on low-end devices. Increasing simulation framerate will slow down the game if your rig can’t handle it!
  • Adjusted excavator strength curve to better mimic a real machine.
  • Fixed faces in certain dialogues, which showed wrong NPC.
  • Removed processed cargo capability from mining companions, as they should not have any.
  • Your ship is now immune to all the damage during and shortly after cutscene.
  • Increased simulation precision, which should remove some of the butterfly effects that were manifesting longer dives – ships shaking, cargo getting phased through hulls.
  • Fixed a bug that could break your dialogue if you clicked really fast on an answer twice.
  • Racer drones will not stay with you anymore.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause two space stations to appear next to each-other.
  • NPC that stun-locked you will disengage after a while.
  • Fixed ex-anarchist quest, which was looping if you choose to call your crew by first name.
  • HUDs will now communicate with ships to establish the exact position and shape of the cargo area.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from trading H2O with mouse.
  • ESC key will now work consistently in all Enceladus menus.
  • All engines – torches and RCS – now have visible nozzles.
  • Added more dialogue options to habitats.

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